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Deposition Bay

  • Classification: ISO 7.
  • Research activities: Growth of nanoscale film and multilayer structures, nanoscale material characterization.
  • Equipment: eBeam and thermal evaporators, sputter systems, 4 point probe, profilometer, elipsometer, microscopes.
  • Lighting: White.


Spectroscopic ellipsometrer (GES5 spectroscopic-ellipsometer SEMILAB)

Measures a wide range of layer thicknesses and material optical properties in a non-destructive manner.

Oerlikon - UNIVEX 350 / EPVD75 Kurt J. Lesker

Oerlikon photograph

E-beam/Thermal Evaporator for single or multiple layer thin film growth

UHV Sputtering System (AJA Int.)

We have two UHV Magnetron Sputtering system for high quality single or multiple layer thin film growth, one in the cleanroom and another one in the De

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