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CIC08_Master_Single particle encapsulation of biomolecules for the design of advanced biohybrid nanomaterials

The combination of the excellent and selective functionality of biocatalysts with the robustness and efficiency of (in)organic nanomaterials enables the design of so-called biohybrid systems, a rapidly progressing novel line of research. Hence the vast range of application fields in which they are currently present: design of biosensors, tissue engineering, delivery systems, adjuvant of vaccines, food industry or environmental remediation, to cite some.

The technical applicability of enzymes, despite their inarguable potential, has been hampered mainly due to distinct chemical and physical limitations such as, stability, catalytic efficiency, and specificity. In this project we aim to overcome such drawbacks through an encapsulation of the biomolecules that will be eventually become linked to the nanomaterial. Caged enzymes will improve their performance under harsh conditions and will show an increased durability, inducing new or improved properties to the biohybrid system. The encapsulating material is initially aimed to be polymeric, but novel approaches involving metal organic frameworks (MOFs) will also be evaluated by the student.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this project, the student will gain knowledge on biochemical procedures, organic chemical synthesis and physical characterization of the biohybrids that he/she will develop. Furthermore, the candidate will gain hands-on experience in some of the state-of-the-art equipment available at nanoGUNE´s facilities such as mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, electron microscopy or atomic force microscopy (AFM), among others.

We encourage highly motivated candidates, eager to immerse into a multidisciplinary and top leading research topic in the (bio)material science field, to join us and develop their master project in an international and interdisciplinary research group.

More information about the group: nanomaterials.nanogune.eu

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