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Etching Bay

  • Classification: ISO 7
  • Research activities: Wet and dry etching operations and nanoscale fabrication.
  • Equipment: Ion miller, RIE, critical point dryer, chemical wet benches, ALD.
  • Lighting: White


Reactive ion etcher (RIE Oxford Plasmalab 80 Plus)

System for etching/milling material by a chemically reactive gases

ALD Cambridge Nanotech Savannah S100

ALD Cambridge Nanotech photograph

Atomic Layer Depostion (ALD ), Evaporation thecnique for deposition of wide variety of materials (Al2O3, HfO2, ZnO, TiO2 and other oxides, nitrides and metals) on flat substrates (e.g.

Ion Beam Etcher (4Wave)

4Wave Ion Beam Etching photograph

Ion beam etching and sputtering system.

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