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CIC01_Master_Spectroscopic magneto-optical ellipsometry

The goal of this Master project is to extent a generalized magnetooptical ellipsometer (GME) to allow for multi-wavelength measurements. With such spectroscopic capabilities, this instrument will then allow very precise magneto-optical magnetometry measurements, such as:

  • 3-dimensional vector magnetometry
  • depth-resolved magnetometry

The project will consist of two parts. In the first part, the GME set-up will be reconfigured with a broad-band light source and a photo-diode array spectrometer that allows for simultaneous multi-wavelength measurements. Once the system is operational, measurements on magnetic thin film, multilayer, and nano-structure samples (also produced in our labs) will be made to take advantage of the new characterization capabilities that this broad-spectrum light source offers. This work will include modifications of the experimental setup and control software to run these novel experiments (LabView programming platform).

In the second part, the experimental results will be analyzed so that quantitative data of the dielectric tensor for different films and materials can be extracted, as well as 3-dimensional vector magnetometry and depth-resolved magnetometry demonstrated, both of which have not been realized to date. This part will include data analysis programming, the use of commercial analysis software and will furthermore benefit from a good understanding of electromagnetism, optics,
solid-state physics, and ferromagnetism.

More information: Nanomagnetism Group

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