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CIC01_Master_Fabrication of epitaxial magnetic films and multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy

The goal of this Master project is to create crystallographic ordered, high-quality magnetic films and multilayers that have a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, so that their net magnetization points (all or in part) along the surface normal. The purpose of this work is to

  • study and classify suitable fabrication conditions
  • understand their magnetic behavior, especially the
    magnetization reversal

These goals are not only of substantial scientific, but also technological interest because all hard disk drive technology today, which is the backbone of the world-wide installed information storage, is based on magnetic films and multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy. Modern fabrication techniques, such as the Ultra High Vacuum Sputter system at CIC nanoGUNE, allow
for the precise fabrication of so-called multilayer structures, in which different ferromagnetic and nonmagnetic layers are alternated and fabricated in stacks with sub-nm precision. It is hereby interesting to note that ferromagnetic films with perpendicular anisotropy can form laterally varying order structures, called domains.

The master project will include a study of this particular aspect as well. In the first part of the project different ferromagnetic alloy films and multilayers will be fabricated. Subsequently, microscopic magnetic domains will be measured and classified by means of using a magnetic force microscope (MFM) and their field stability will be evaluated with the help of a superconducting
quantum interference device (SQUID). The project will involve the fabrication and characterization of samples as well as the analysis of experimental results. Some prior knowledge of solid-state physics and ferromagnetism will be beneficial.

More information: Nanomagnetism Group

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