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CIC03_Master_Structural analysis and design of bio-nano mineralization

Biomineralization is one of the fundamental phenomena in our body and allows for the formation of rigid tissues, as bone and teeth. Cage-shaped proteins and virus capsids can artificially incorporate inorganic nanoparticles. The mineralized proteins and virus capsids can be used as bio-cargos and organized in networks to develop novel electric, magnetic and medical applications. In this project, our final aim is to study the mineralization process in biomolecules and to establish the technology of the bio-cargo networks for nano-devices.

Your mission in the project will be to investigate mineralization phenomena of a cage-shaped protein and a virus capsid using X-ray structural analysis and transmission microscopy techniques. Through the obtained knowledge, we will design optimal bio-cargos by means of genetic engineering techniques and protein purification methods. The engineered bio-cargo will applied for nano-devices.

The ideal candidate should possess a background in physics and/or biology. He/she should have a strong interest in science and technology. The person will work in interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

More information: Self-Assembly Group


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