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CIC10_Master_Integrated FTIR/Raman spectroscopy and software development for disease diagnosis

The Nanoengineering Group, led by Professor Andreas Seifert, is specializes in combining fundamental nanoscience with applied engineering in order to develop microsystems and mesoscopic devices as a bridge between the pure investigation and industrial or clinical applications. In one of the leading projects of the group, we are working on the development of an integrated vibrational spectroscopy based photonic platform for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The project involves the integration of Raman and Infrared spectroscopies.

The Master’s student will have an excellent opportunity to learn about designing and building complex photonic systems and their medical applications, Chemometrics and integration of spectroscopic software. He/She will also gain from the regular meetings with our collaborators who are medical professionals and need cutting edge photonic technology. Integration of spectroscopic software will involve chemical and statistical interpretation of FTIR/Raman spectra. Multivariate data analysis tools will be employed to develop diagnostic algorithms.

It is expected that the student will have sound knowledge of basic concepts in Engineering and Natural Sciences. Experience in programming languages such as MATLAB and Java Script is desirable.

For more information please contact Professor Andreas Seifert (a.seifert@nanogune.eu) or Dr. G.P.Singh (g.pratap@nanogune.eu).

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