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Characterization platform

The characterization platform is designed to give full and personalized services for a wide range of products characterization. This service unit is divided into three different service units: structural characterization, magnetic and electrical characterization, and chemical characterization services.

Chemical-characterization services

quantum dots

Chemical analysis and imaging of the samples by RAMAN, EDX, and EELS techniques.

Structural characterization services

X-ray diffraction/reflection system and atomic-force microscopes, as well as last generation electron microscopes, specifically an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM, FEI Quanta 250) and a transmission electron microscope (TEM, FEI Titan). These systems are operated by highly qualified scientists which are capable of a complete processing, simulation, and visualization of the electron-microscopy data.

Electrical and magnetic characterization services

spintronic device

Electrical, magnetic and magneto-transport measurements of wide range of samples, starting from bulk materials to electronic circuits.

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