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Six CIC nanoGUNE scientists among the world’s most influential

Six CIC nanoGUNE scientists among the world’s most influential


CIC nanoGUNE has six of the world's most important researchers, according to the list drawn up by Stanford University and Elsevier, global information analytics business. The “Ranking of World Scientists” has highlighted the careers of the Ikerbasque researchers Mato Knez, Luis E. Hueso, Fèlix Casanova, Rainer Hillenbrand, Andrey Chuvilin and Paolo Vavassori at the Donostia-San Sebastian-based center nanoGUNE.

They all lead some of the research groups at nanoGUNE, the nanoscience co-operative research center. Mato Knez leads the center’s Nanomaterials group; Luis E. Hueso and Fèlix Casanova, the Nanodevices group; Rainer Hillenbrand leads nanoGUNE’s Nanooptics group; Andrey Chuvilin, the Electron Microscopy group; and Paolo Vavassori is the leader of the center’s Nanomagnetism group.

The ranking produced by Stanford University and Elsevier is regarded as the most prestigious scientific reference document internationally for the purposes of ascertaining the impact of the research work conducted by professionals. The ranking highlights the work of 160,000 top researchers worldwide.

The latest edition of the ranking drawn up by the Californian university and Elsevier highlights the careers of a total of twenty professionals at centers belonging to the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA).