Anomalous Quantum Oscillations in Metals and Insulators

Quantum oscillation phenomena describe the periodic variation of thermodynamic and transport properties of materials as a function of magnetic field. Their observation is commonly assumed to be a definite sign for the presence of a Fermi surface (FS) in metals. Indeed, the effect forms the basis of a well-established experimental procedure for accurately measuring FS topology and geometry of metallic systems, with parameters commonly extracted by fitting to the Onsager and Lifshitz-Kosevich (LK) theories based on Fermi liquid theory. In this talk I will discuss recent experimental and theoretical developments which challenge the canonical description of quantum oscillations. I will first review our work on quantum oscillations in insulators. Second, I will discuss the possibility of sharp quantum oscillation frequencies in metals which do not correspond to Fermi surface orbits. Finally, I will present a rigorous example how inter-Landau level interactions in doped Mott insulators can lead to a-periodic quantum oscillations and unusual mass renormalisations.

Host: Maia G. Vergniory


Donostia International Physics Center


Johannes Knolle, Technical University of Munich, Germany

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