Chiral Gain Photonics


Mário Silveirinha


Instituto Superior Técnico and Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Lisbon


CFM Auditorium


Ivo Souza

CFM Colloquium Series

Mário Silveirinha will present an overview of the work of their group on chiral-gain photonics. The group has recently shown
that low-symmetry materials possessing a non-trivial Berry curvature dipole can facilitate a non-
Hermitian linear electro-optic effect [1-3]. This effect uniquely enables the control of optical gain based
on the handedness of the electromagnetic field polarization, laying the foundation for precise control
over the material response using light polarization. Here, Mário Silveirinha will present their most recent theoretical
explorations of non-equilibrium optical systems, such as those influenced by static electric fields or
composed of time-varying materials, to craft a new class of active and nonreciprocal metamaterials
with chiral-gain.

The speaker will show how to harness the chiral-gain to implement chiral lasers, non-Hermitian
polarization controlled mirrors, and related systems. These capabilities introduce a transformative
dimension to optical device engineering, promising novel functionalities in nanophotonics.
Furthermore, he will discuss some topological aspects of materials with chiral-gain and the interaction of
qubits with chiral-gain platforms.