Conductance and Electroluminescence in Single-Molecule Devices


Latha Venkataraman


Columbia University


Donostia International Physics Center (Hybrid Seminar)


Thomas Fredriksen

Over the past decade, there has been tremendous progress in the measurement, modeling and understanding of structure-function relationships in single molecule circuits. Experimental techniques for reliable and reproducible single molecule junction measurements have, in part, led to this progress. In particular, the scanning tunneling microscope- based break-junction technique has enabled rapid, sequential measurement of large numbers of nanoscale junctions allowing a statistical analysis to readily distinguish reproducible characteristics. Although the break-junction technique is mostly used to measure electronic properties of single-molecule circuits, in this talk, I will demonstrate its versatile uses to understand both physical and chemical phenomena with single molecule precision. I will discuss some  recent experiments and analysis aimed at achieving ultra-high conductances in long molecular wires. I will then discuss how this platform can be used to understand electroluminescence from these devices.