Contribution to new IoT society from Spintronics

Contribution to new IoT society from Spintronics

Prof. Hiromi Yuasa

Kyushu University, Japan

Our target is contribution to new IoT society by using spintronic technology that is original for magnetic materials. In spintronics, a spin of electron plays an important role in addition to electron. Phenomena based on the characteristics difference between up-spin and down-spin are unique, one of which can realize green devices without Joule loss in extreme condition. We challenge to propose novel devices originated from Spintronics toward sustainable society. 

Topic 1: Electromotive force in magnetic film

We are researching the devices by using “spin current”, one of which is a thermoelectric generator based on spin Seebeck effect or anomalous Nernst effect. Magnetic materials enable us to make a uniform electromotive generator. Our goal is to propose a novel generator and contribute to energy 

harvesting society. 

Topic 2: MRAM and new information carriers

We are investigating structures and materials that reduce the write power of non-volatile magnetic memory by spin-orbit torque. In addition, to utilize a new information carrier that has the potential to be minute, high-speed, and low-power, we have begun to verify ideas that combine these three advantages with stable topological skyrmions. 

Topic 3: Magnetization oscillator toward Sub-THz

In a magnetic laminated film with a thickness of several nanometers, a phenomenon called spin- torque oscillation, in which the magnetization continues precession when an electric current is passed, can be obtained. By introducing a unique magnetic coupling to this, a sub-THz oscillator was shown by calculation. We are working to prove it on a real device. 

Key words Spintronics, magnetic films, magnetic devices, memory, oscillator, thermos-generator 

Host: A. Berger


nanoGUNE seminar room, Tolosa Hiribidea 76, Donostia - San Sebastian


Prof. Hiromi Yuasa, Kyushu University, Japan

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