Nonlinear optical probing and control of magnetism and electronic band topology

In this talk, I will discuss recent theoretical developments in the optical pumping and probing of quantum materials. In the first part of the talk, I will discuss a non-linear phononics approach to modifying magnetism and electronic band topology in two-dimensional materials through direct coupling of the light to infrared phonons that couple non- linearly to Raman modes. The Raman modes in turn induce magnetic and band topology transitions. I will focus on the examples of CrI3 for magnetism change, and MnBi2Te4/MnSb2Te4 for a magnetism combined with band topology change induced via non-linear phononics. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss nonlinear optical probes of Weyl semimetals, especially the quantization of the circular photogalvanic response. I will present analytical expressions for shift and injection conductivities for tilted charge-n Weyl points (n=1,2,3) using a low energy two- band effective Hamiltonian and will discuss the effects of the full, multi-band features on the quantization of the response. I will conclude with an outlook on some of the key open questions in laser driven materials.
Host: Aritz Leonardo

Donostia International Physics Center


Gregory Fiete, Northeastern University, USA

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