ONLINE - PhD Mid-term Seminar Series: Study of spin to charge conversion in high resistive BixSe1-x

Study of spin to charge conversion in high resistive BixSe1-x 

Isabel Cristina Arango

Nanodevices Group, CIC nanoGUNE

The spin Hall effect and its inverse are very important phenomena occurring in materials with large spin-orbit coupling, which allow to create and detect spin currents in spintronic devices without the use of ferromagnetic materials. The spin-to-charge current conversion efficiency is given by the spin Hall angle θSH [1]. Large θSH has been reported in topological insulators such as bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) due to the spin-momentum locking occurring at the topologically protected surface states [2]. Recently, large conversion efficiencies have been reported in sputtered amorphous BixSe1-x [3][4]. Amorphous BixSe1-x is thus a promising material that can be used in the recently proposed magneto-electric spin-orbit (MESO) logic device by Intel [5], in which not only large θSH is needed, but also a large resistivity [6]. 

However, electrical spin injection in nanostructured devices have not been used in any of the previous works, which is required for a MESO device with integration with standard CMOS electronics. We were able to fabricate sputtered amorphous BixSe1-x nanostructures which display consistent semiconducting behavior with high resistivities. This result allows us to face the challenge of integrating sputtered amorphous BixSe1-x in lateral spin valve (LSV) devices in order to quantify spin-to-charge conversion in this material from an all-electrical technique.


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PhD Mid-term Seminar Series: Isabel Arango & José Manuel Pereira - CIC nanoGUNE

When: Oct 4, 2021 11:00 AM 

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