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nanoGUNE PhD workshop 2018

nanoGUNE PhD workshop 2018

Martes, 30 de Enero de 2018 (Todo el día)

In honor of the 9th anniversary of nanoGUNE, the PhD students have the pleasure to host the nanoGUNE PhD workshop 2018. This year we will explore the life of people that are or once were PhD students in nanoGUNE. 

The workshop is divided in two main sessions, Life in nanoGUNE and Life after nanoGUNE. In the first session, one PhD student of each group will explain the main research lines of his/her group. Hereafter, we will continue with a short session describing different fellowships of interest to PhD students. In the afternoon, former nanoPEOPLE will share their professional experiences after they have finished the PhD in nanoGUNE in order to give insight into the future possibilities that a PhD career can offer. The event will conclude with the nanoQUIZ covering the history, science and people of nanoGUNE.

This one-day event will take place at nanoGUNE on the 30 January 2018.

The workshop is open to everybody, however registration is required and priority will be given to nanoGUNE reseachers due to space limitations.

Registration is now closed (deadline was 11 January 2018).



2018 PhD Workshop - Registration