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Viernes, 30 de Enero de 2009 - 16:15

On January 30 2009, the official opening of nanoGUNE was celebrated. The ceremony began at 11:00, followed by this series of speeches:

  • Pedro M Echenique, President of nanoGUNE
  • Jose M Pitarke, Director of nanoGUNE
  • Carlos Martinez, State Secretary for Research
  • Markel Olano, Major of the Gipuzkoa Council
  • Juan J Ibarretxe, President of the Basque Country

A video with interviews to the members of the International Advisory Committee of nanoGUNE was projected. The ceremony was conducted by Pilar Kaltzada.

After Juan J. Ibarretxe’s speech, a plaque was engraved in situ with a laser machine. At this point, the building was officially inaugurated.

You can read Jose M Pitarke’s speech below.

As read: inaugurazioa.pdf

In English: inaugurazioa-en.pdf

In Basque: inaugurazioa-eu.pdf

In Spanish: inaugurazioa-es.pdf