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SUDOE Train2 Nanomagnetism & Spintronics Workshop

SUDOE Train2 Nanomagnetism & Spintronics Workshop

Miércoles, 22 de Febrero de 2012 (Todo el día) to Viernes, 24 de Febrero de 2012 (Todo el día)

CIC nanoGUNE, with the collaboration of its partners within the framework of theSUDOE region TRAIN2 project, organizes a workshop in NANOMAGNETISM AND SPINTRONICS to be held in Donostia-San Sebastián the days 22-24 of February, 2012.

The TRAIN2 project (Trans-Pyrenees Action on Advanced Infrastructures for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology) aims to establish the SUDOE region as a leading environment for research, innovation, and training in the fields of nanosciences and nanotechnology.

Recent developments in nanomagnetism and spintronics have shown the existence of new phenomena emerging at the nanoscale that are relevant for both fundamental science as well as future device applications. The workshop will be celebrated with the aim of strengthening the research in these fields among the different teams in theSUDOE region through sharing capabilities, exchanging knowledge and designing future research strategies together. These actions look towards establishing common collaborative research projects within the network partners, boosting entrepreneurship and creating an adequate scenario for interregional technology transfer. 

There will be both oral (15 min) and poster (one afternoon session) contributions. 

The set poster size is A0 format (width: 841 mm x Height: 1189 mm) Portrait

• Abstract submission: 12th December

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Registration is necessary but there are no fees


• Magnetic nanostructures
• Spintronics
• Novel materials and applications
• Fundamental phenomena
• Theory and modeling
• Magnetic hybrid systems
• Advanced nano-scale characterization


Invited speakers

• Alek Dediu (ISMN-CNR Bologna)
“Multifunctional effects in organic spintronic devices”

• Jose Maria De Teresa (ICMA)
“Domain-wall manipulation in cobalt nanostrucutres grown by focused electron-beam-induced deposition”

• Josep Fontcuberta (ICMAB)
“Magnetic chiral domains in multiferroic thin films keep memory”

• Antonio Garcia Martin (IMM-CNM)
“Magneto-optical properties in magnetoplasmonic nanostructures”

• Christophe Gatel (CEMES)
“Quantitative magnetic measurement by electron holography” 

• Akira Kikitsu (Toshiba)
“Bit patterned magnetic recording medium made with a self-assembled polymer mask” 

• Aitor Mugarza (ICN)
“Spin coupling and dynamics in molecule-metal contacts” 

• Josep Nogues (ICN)
“Tunable magnetic properties in ordered mesoporous magnetic materials” 

• Hans Peter Oepen (U Hamburg)
“Magnetic microscopy of systems with reduced dimensions”

• Francois Vernay (LAMPS-Universite de Perpignan)
“Competition between surface effects and dipolar interactions in an assembly of nanomagnets”

• Paolo Freitas (INL)
“Spintronic microsystems for biomedical applications”

• Clara Marquina (ICMA)
“Magnetic nanoparticles for life-science applications”

• Laurent Vila (CEA-Grenoble)
“Generation and enhancement of spin currents in metallic lateral nanostructures”


Train2 Scientific Committee

Ricardo Ibarra (INA), Luis Morellón (INA), Andreas Berger (CIC nanoGUNE), Pietro Gambardella (ICN), Jose María de Teresa (ICMA), Paulo Freitas (INL), Etienne Snoeck (CEMES), Marc Respaud (INSA-Tolouse), Josep Nogués (ICN)


Local Organizing Committee:

Andreas Berger, Paolo Vavassori, Luis Hueso, Fèlix Casanova, Juan B. Gonzalez, Olatz Idigoras, Jon Ander Arregi, Estitxu Villamor


SUDOE Train2 partners