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Miguel Moreno Ugeda

Miguel Moreno Ugeda


Ramón y Cajal Fellow
Ikerbasque Research Fellow




Selected publications:

Nature Physics, accepted (2017): Quantum Spin Hall effect in monolayer 1T'-WTe2

Nature Communications, accepted (2017): Mapping the orbital structure of impurity bound states in a superconductor

Science 352, 437 (2016): Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism by using hydrogen atoms

Nature Physics 12, 751 (2016)Charge density wave order in 1D mirror twin boundaries of single-layer MoSe2

Nature Chemistry 8, 678 (2016): Imaging single-molecule reaction intermediates stabilized by surface dissipation and entropy

ACS Nano 10, 5131 (2016): Graphene tunable transparency to tunneling electrons: a direct measure to local coupling

Nano Letters 16, 2485 (2016): Electronic Structure, Surface Doping, and Optical Response in Epitaxial WSe2 thin films 

Nature Physics 12, 92 (2016): Characterization of collective ground states in single-layer NbSe2

Nano Letters 15, 2594 (2015): Probing the Role of Interlayer Coupling and Coulomb Interactions on Electronic Structure in Few-Layer MoSe2 Nanostructures

Nature Materials 13, 1091 (2014): Giant bandgap renormalization and excitonic effects in a monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor

ACS Nano 8, 5395 (2014): Imaging and Tuning Molecular Levels at the Surface of a Gated Graphene Device

Nano Letters 14, 2251 (2014): Local electronic and chemical structure of oligo-acetylene derivatives formed through radical cyclizations at a surface

Physical Review Letters 109, 196802 (2012): Unraveling the intrinsic and robust nature of van Hove singularities in twisted bilayer graphene by scanning tunneling microscopy and theoretical analysis

Physical Review Letters 107, 116803 (2011): Point defects in graphene on metals

Nature Materials 9, 550 (2010): Observation of shell effects in superconducting nanoparticles of Sn

Physical Review Letters 104, 096804 (2010): Missing atom as a source of carbon magnetism

Physical Review Letters 102, 096802 (2009): Nondegenerate Metallic States on Bi(114): A One-Dimensional Topological Metal

Physical Review Letters 98, 156102 (2007): Adatom-Adatom interaction mediated by an underlying surface phase transition

Physical Review Letters 95, 206102 (2005): Direct observation of a (3x3) phase in a-Pb/Ge(111) at 10 K

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