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Research lines

Research lines

The research is focused on atomic-force microscopy to study the mechanical features of proteins. The Perez-Jimenez lab uses advanced molecular-biology techniques and cutting-edge force spectrometers to investigate the role of mechanical forces in biology. The group is also developing a novel research line, mechanopharmacology, for the design and development of new compounds capable of altering the mechanics of proteins involved in human pathologies. Finally, the group is embarked on the study of the evolution of proteins. Applying statistical techniques, proteins from extinct organisms are brought back to life and studied in the laboratory. The Nanobiotechnology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation as well as computational tools.

Research themes:

1. Protein Mechanics:

    • The mechanical architecture of proteins
    • Mechanical forces in biochemical reactions

2. Mechanomedicine

    • Mechanical forces in human pathologies, viral, and bacterial infections
    • Mechanopharmacology

3. Protein Evolution

    • Ancestral sequence resurrection: A travel back in time
    • Resurrected paleoenzymes in biotechnology