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Graphenea, nanoGUNE's first start-up company, was launched in April 2010 as a joint venture of private investors and nanoGUNE. The company, which is located at the nanoGUNE headquarters, was created with the mission of commercializing high-quality graphene wafers and developing graphene-based technologies.

Since the launching of the Graphenea, it has benefited immensely from the scientific advice of nanoGUNE, through collaboration with our researchers and from the infrastructure that is available at the center. Graphene, which is an isolated atomic plane of graphite, exhibits extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties that point it as one of the most promising materials to have hit the market in years.

In November 2009, a special mention by the jury of the 9th Manuel Laborde Werlinden prize went to the Graphenea initiative presented by José M. Pitarke (Director of nanoGUNE) for his business initiative on graphene.

In January 2013, Graphenea became partner of the Graphene Flagship of the European Commission, as the main graphene supplier of the consortium.  

In December 2013 Graphenea signed an agreement with Repsol and the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI in its Spanish initials), through which a million euros were invested in the share capital of Graphenea within the area of new energies of the INNVIERTE program. The investment reinforced Graphenea's technological capacity, helped business growth, and enabled the company's international leadership to be maintained within the emerging sector of graphene production.

Since April 2015, nanoGUNE is no longer one of Graphenea’s shareholders.

More informacion: www.graphenea.com