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Lorenzo Fallarino

Lorenzo Fallarino


PhD Student




Born in Città della Peve (Umbria, Italy) on December 18th 1985

Pre-doctoral Researcher - PFPI Basque Government Fellowship

Doctoral advisor: Dr. Andreas Berger, Nanomagnetism Group Leader and Research Director


• 2005-2010 B. Sc. in Physics, University of Perugia

• 2010-2012 M. Sc. in Physics, University of Perugia

• 2012-Present, PhD in Physics, University of the Basque Country

Research interests

•  Magnetism at low dimensions

•  Thin-films deposition

•  Magnetic, electric and structural characterization

•  Spintronics


•    M. Isasa, E. Villamor, L. Fallarino, O. Idigoras, A. K. Suszka, C. Tollan, A. Berger, L. E. Hueso, and F. Casanova, Spin transport enhancement by controlling the Ag growth in lateral spin valves, Submitted [arXiv pre-print]

•   L. Fallarino, A. Berger, and C. Binek, Giant temperature dependence of the spin reversal field in magnetoelectric chromia

Applied Physics Letters 104 (2), 022403 (2014)

•   O. Idigoras, U. Palomares, A.K. Suszka, L. Fallarino, and A. Berger, Magnetic properties of room temperature grown epitaxial Co1-xRux-alloy films

Applied Physics Letters 103 (10), 102410 (2013) 

•   L. Fallarino, M. Madami, G. Duerr, D. Grundler, G. Gubbiotti, S. Tacchi, and G. Carlotti, Propagation of Spin Waves Excited in a Permalloy Film by a Finite-Ground Coplanar Waveguide: A Combined Phase-Sensitive Micro-Focused Brillouin Light Scattering and Micromagnetic Study, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 49 (3), 1033-1036 (2012)