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The world of materials of organic and inorganic origin merges in a wide family of so-called organic-inorganic hybrid materials. The combination of those with biological molecules (lipids, proteins, DNA) leads to an exciting field in Material Science referred to as organic-inorganic biohybrid systems. This rapidly progressing recent line of research deals with very important applications from the Academia and the Industry point of view. Here, the biohybrid materials we are working with are based on enzymes (biomolecule), polymers (organic material), and metallic cations and salts (inorganic component). 

Enzymes are biocatalysts that, despite their inarguable potential, have been hampered mainly due to distinct chemical and physical limitations such as, stability, catalytic efficiency, and specificity. The accommodation of those into an organic-inorganic matrix enhances their performance.

In this Master Thesis project, the student will design, fabricate, and characterize gold and silver based organic-inorganic hybrids using polymers with distinct functionalities. The process will be optimized in order to achieve nanoparticles with catalytically favored morphology.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this project, the student will get knowledge on biochemical procedures, organic chemistry synthesis and physical characterization of the biohybrids that he/she will develop. Furthermore, the candidate will get insights into the state-of-the-art equipment available at nanoGUNE´s facilities such as mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (TEM) or atomic force microscopy (AFM), among others.

We encourage highly motivated candidates, eager to immerse into a multidisciplinary and top leading research topic in (bio)material science field, to join us and develop their master project in an international and interdisciplinary research group.


If you are a master student and you are interested in this project, please get in touch with the scientist in charge: Ana Beloqui (a.beloqui@nanogune.eu).

To apply for a master scholarship fill in the form below and follow the instructions and recomendations of the general call open until 20 September 2019

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