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Engineering Z2 lattice gauge theories with a strongly interacting atomic mixture

Wednesday, October 02, 2019 - 12:00
Donostia International Physics Center
Luca Barbiero, Université Libre de Bruxelles
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In this talk I will show how quantized dynamical gauge fields can be created in mixtures of strongly interacting ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Specifically, I will discuss a protocol by which atoms of one species carry a magnetic flux felt by an other species, hence realizing an instance of flux-attachment. This is obtained by combining coherent lattice modulation techniques with strong Hubbard interactions. I will show that this protocol has been experimentally implemented in a double-well potential thus realizing a first building block of a true Z2 lattice gauge theory. Moreover I will discuss how this setting can be arranged so as to implement lattice models displaying a Z2 gauge symmetry, both in one and two dimensions. Finally I will also present a detailed analysis of a ladder toy model, which features a global Z2 symmetry, and reveal the phase transitions that occur both in the matter and gauge sectors. Mastering flux-attachment in optical lattices envisages a new route towards the realization of strongly-correlated systems with properties dictated by an interplay of dynamical matter and gauge fields.
Host: Roman Orus

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