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Master in nanoscience Thesis Defenses

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 12:00
CFM Auditorium
Thesis Candidates
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Master in nanoscience  Thesis Defenses
All members of CFM, DIPC and CIC nanoGUNE scientific staff are invited to participate in this event.
Morning Evaluation Committe: Angel Alegria, Maite
Alducin and Ruben


12:00  "Photoactivated Folding of Individual PVC
Chains to Single-Chain

Nanoparticles" , Agustin Blazquez [Josetxo            

and Ester Verde Soto, CFM]

12:30  "Calibration of the atomic layer injection
system (ALI)", Afia

Owusuah [Sara Barja and Celia Rogero, CFM]

Afternoon Evaluation Committee: Andres Arnau, Iñaki
Juaristi and Josetxo


15:30  "Boosting Nanoporous Graphene Reactivity by
Chemical Doping" ,

Sara Lois [Aran Garcia Lekue, DIPC]

16:00  "Orientation Dependence of Dynamic Phase
Transitions in Highly

Anisotropic Ferromagnets" , Mikel Quintana    
[Andreas Berger, NANOGUNE]

We encourage all members of CFM, DIPC and Nanogune
scientific staff to

participate in this event.

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