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Pulsed Neutrons for Materials Discovery

Monday, November 12, 2018 - 12:00
CFM auditorium
Felix Fernandez-Alonso
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talk provides an overview of the merits & strengths of neutron-scattering
techniques for materials discovery [1], as illustrated by the current research
programme of the Molecular Spectroscopy
at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron &
Muon Source,
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, United Kingdom [2,3]. With the
novice in mind, I will explain & illustrate with recent examples the uniqueness
of pulsed neutrons to explore a broad & growing range of structural &
dynamical phenomena in novel functional materials, with an emphasis on energy applications
& sustainability. I will also highlight existing & emerging synergies
with computational materials modelling, as well as recent & ongoing developments
for in-situ and operando neutron science under realistic conditions of industrial

[1] F.
Fernandez-Alonso and D.L. Price Eds, Neutron
Scattering – Fundamentals
(Academic Press, New York, 2013); Neutron
Scattering – Magnetic & Quantum Phenomena
(Academic Press,
New York, 2015); and Neutron
Scattering – Applications in Biology, Chemistry, and Materials Science

(Academic Press, New York, 2017).

[2] www.isis.stfc.ac.uk/Pages/Prof-Felix-Fernandez-Alonso.aspx

[3] www.isis.stfc.ac.uk/Pages/Molecular-Spectroscopy.aspx

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