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Thin-film growth services

sputter deposition
Our facilities give the possibility to grow films or coatings of a wide variety of materials, such as metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics in different types of substrates with precise thicknesses, starting from a few atomic layers to micron-size thicknesses. The thin films can be deposited in substrates of up to 4 inch diameter.

Ultra high vacuum magnetron sputtering (ATC series AJA Sputtering System)

  • High quality single or multiple layer thin film growth
  • Alloy thin film growth with determine stoichiometry
  • Nitride and oxide growth of thin film by reactive sputtering
  • Possibility to grow single crystal thin film
  • Deposition or post-deposition treatment (annealing, Ar plasma cleaning of the surface)

E-beam/thermal evaporation (UNIVEX 350 Oerlikon/EPVD75 Kurt J. Lesker)

  • Single or multiple layer thin film growth
  • Combination of by e-beam or thermal evaporation
  • Deposition or post-deposition treatment (annealing)

Table top basic sputtering (Leica EM MED020/Quorum technologies Q150TES)

  • Thin film growth of metals for basic coatings or contact fabrication
  • Carbon coating of the specimen

Atomic layer deposition (Cambridge Nanotech Savannah S100)

Deposition of wide variety of materials (Al2O3, HfO2, ZnO, TiO2 and other oxides, nitrides and metals) on flat substrates (e.g. Si wafer) or high aspect ratio substrates (porous foams, fibers…).

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