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nanoBusiness IDEAS program

The nanoBusiness IDEAS program consists of bringing experts from companies to work temporarily at nanoGUNE, so they can benefit from our research capabilities and we can learn about their ideas and needs.

We believe that companies have much to win introducing new approaches and that nanotechnology is a great opportunity for innovation. We can help you to face this challenge sharing ideas and experiences in a win-win framework.

What do we offer to companies?

  • We offer temporary visits at nanoGUNE with no cost for the company. Executives, technicians, operators , consultants, etc. are welcomed.
  • We offer our brainstorming to get to shape new ideas and enrich the business development.
  • We work on building a project that will answer market's opportunities.
  • We offer nanotechnology: the vision, expertise, and technology to introduce new approaches to the companies.

What do we ask to companies?

  • We look forward to listen to new ideas, concerns, and market vision.
  • We need to understand the concerns and ideas of the companies in order to be able to tackle them from a different point of view; from nanotechnology.
  • We would like to learn from the existing business capabilities, and abilities to adapt to the market.
  • We need the commitment of the companies to define projects together.
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