27/01/2015 Dr. Berger, appointed Section Editor of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Dr. Andreas Berger, nanoGUNE´s research director, has been appointed as the Section Editor for the Applied Magnetism and Applied Magnetic Materials section of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, one of the world-wide leading journals in applied physics research published by the Institute of Physics (IOP). Starting from January 1st, 2015, he will serve a 3 year term in this capacity. ...

14/01/2015 Pablo Alonso-González, Winner of the RSEF-BBVA Foundation 2014 prize

The nanoGUNE researcher Pablo Alonso-González has been awarded the RSEF-BBVA Foundation 2014 prize for Physics in the New Researchers in Experimental Physics category. Alonso-González works in this center’s Nanooptics group in Donostia-San Sebastian and his research is currently focussing on the optical properties of graphene at the nanoscale. The researcher was the first to obtain guided light imaging in this material with nanometric precision, and his work was published by the journal Nature. ...

23/12/2014 Nature Materials: Graphene plasmons go ballistic

Squeezing light into tiny circuits and controlling its flow electrically is a holy grail that has become a realistic scenario thanks to the discovery of graphene. This tantalizing goal is realized by exploiting so-called plasmons, in which electrons and light move together as one coherent wave. Plasmons guided by graphene -a two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms – are remarkable as they can be confined to length scales of nanometers, one to two hundred times below the wavelength of light. However, until now these plasmons were found to rapidly lose energy, limiting the range over which they could travel. ...

12/12/2014 CTECHnano, tailor-made solutions for the industry

CTECHnano is a recently created company, promoted by nanoGUNE in a joint initiative with AVS and Cadinox companies, providing thin-film coating solutions. It is specialized in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology and it has a strong team to answer to customer´s needs. ...

14/11/2014 ACSnano: "Probing the Effect of Force on HIV-1 Receptor CD4"

NanoGUNE’s Nanobiomechanics Group, led by Ikerbasque Professor Raul Perez-Jimenez, in collaboration with the Department of Biological Sciences of the Columbia University (US) and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (US), has tested that mechanical force may help HIV to invade cells. The research has been recently published in ACS Nano (DOI: 10.1021/nn503557w) ...


CIC nanoGUNE focuses its research activities on the following four major strategic areas:

  • Physics of low-dimensional structures, nanostructures and nanoscale structured complex systems.
  • Synthesis, assembling, and nanofabrication of nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanotubes, thin films, nanocomposites) and nanostructured materials.
  • Development of nanodevices and its impact on molecular electronics, spintronics, nanomagnetism, and nanophotonics.
  • Biofunctional nanoparticles and nanobiotechnology.

Consolider Programme

The project CREATION OF A NEW R&D CENTER FOR THE COORDINATION, DEVELOPMENT, AND MANAGEMENT OF NANOSCIENCE RESEARCH IN THE BASQUE COUNTRY funded by the programme Consolider-Ingenio (MICINN), is aimed to contribute to the impulse and launch of a new Interdisciplinary Center for R&D (CIC nanoGUNE Consolider),...

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NanoBasque Strategy

The nanoBasque Strategy, led by the Basque Government, is an initiative designed to develop a new economy sector enabled by nanotechnology. It sees nanoscience and nanotechnology as instruments that can stimulate the transformation and diversification of the Basque business environment. The nanoBasque Strategy strives to boost Basque companies and research agents’ presence on international nanotechnology initiatives and markets.

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