nanoGUNE, the Basque Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center

nanoGUNE, the Basque Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center

Our mission is to carry out world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country. 

Nanoscience is science at a very small scale: the nanoscale, ranging from 0.1 to 100 nanometers. A nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter. The behavior of matter at the nanoscale is very special and scientists from very diverse disciplines are nowadays studing all these phenomena. 

Our research is mainly focused on Electronic/Spin phenomena and magnetism, optics at the nanoscale, nanoscale materials, and nanobioengineering. 



We are developing an innovative technology for the detection of early stage Alzheimer’s.

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Postdoctoral Junior Leader fellowships

The 'La Caixa' fellowships are some of the most attractive and complete in Europe.

NanoGUNE, as a María de Maeztu unit of excellence, is a host institution for the recipients of these grants and is searching for outstanding junior researchers interested in applying for a research fellowship.

Deadline for de 2022 call is 7 October.

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Bio plastics

Bio plastics

We are developing a new technology to produce biodegradable packaging as an alternative to plastics, based on natural compounds such as proteins or sugars.

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