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2017 Publications

16. Sagasta, Edurne, Omori, Yasutomo, Isasa, Miren, Otani, YoshiChika, Hueso, Luis E., Casanova, Felix
Applied Physics Letters 111, 082407 (2017)
Spin diffusion length of Permalloy using spin absorption in lateral spin valves

15. Sun, Xiangnan, Velez, Saul, Atxabal, Ainhoa, Bedoya-Pinto, Amilcar, Parui, Subir, Zhu, Xiangwei, Llopis, Roger, Casanova, Felix, Hueso, Luis E.
Science 357, 677 (2017)
A molecular spin-photovoltaic device

14. Parui, Subir, Ribeiro, Mario, Atxabal, Ainhoa, Llopis, Roger, Casanova, Felix, Hueso, Luis E.
Nanoscale 9, 10178 (2017)
Graphene as an electrode for solution-processed electron-transporting organic transistors

13. Govyadinov, A.A., A. Konecna, Chuvilin, A. L., Velez, S., I. Dolado, Nikitin, A.Y., S. Lopatin, Casanova, F., Hueso, L. E., J. Aizpurua, Hillenbrand, R.
Nature Communications 8, 95 (2017)
Probing low-energy hyperbolic polaritons in van der Waals crystals with an electron microscope

12. F.J. Alfaro-Mozaz, Alonso-Gonzalez, P., Velez, S., I. Dolado, M. Autore, Mastel, S., Casanova, F., Hueso, L. E., P. Li, Nikitin, A.Y., Hillenbrand, R.
Nature Communications 8, 15624 (2017)
Nanoimaging of resonating hyperbolic polaritons in linear boron nitride antennas
application/pdf This is the author's version of the paper after peer review

11. Atxabal, Ainhoa, Braun, Slawomir, Arnold, Thorsten, Sun, Xiangnan, Parui, Subir, Liu, Xianjie, Gozalvez, Cristian, Llopis, Roger, Mateo-Alonso, Aurelio, Casanova, Felix, Ortmann, Frank, Fahlman, Mats, Hueso, Luis E.
Advanced Materials 29, 1606901 (2017)
Energy Level Alignment at Metal/Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductor Interfaces

10. Cinchetti, Mirko, Dediu, V. Alek, Hueso, Luis E.
Nature Materials 16, 507 (2017)
Activating the molecular spinterface

9. Martinez-Abadia, Marta, Antonicelli, Gabriella, Zuccatti, Elisabetta, Atxabal, Ainhoa, Melle-Franco, Manuel, Hueso, Luis E., Mateo-Alonso, Aurelio
Organic Letters 19, 1718 (2017)
Synthesis and Properties of a Twisted and Stable Tetracyano-Substituted Tetrabenzoheptacene

8. Hou, Dazhi, Qiu, Zhiyong, Barker, Joseph, Sato, Koji, Yamamoto, Kei, Velez, Saul, Gomez-Perez, Juan M., Hueso, Luis E., Casanova, Felix, Saitoh, Eiji
Physical Review Letters 118, 147202 (2017)
Tunable Sign Change of Spin Hall Magnetoresistance in Pt/NiO/YIG Structures
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

7. Martinez, Isidoro, Ribeiro, Mario, Andres, Pablo, Hueso, Luis E., Casanova, Felix, Aliev, Farkhad G.
Physical Review Applied 7, 034034 (2017)
Photodoping-Driven Crossover in the Low-Frequency Noise of MoS2 Transistors
application/pdf Copyright by the American Physical Society.This article may be downloaded for personal use only.

6. Stoliar, Pablo, Tranchant, Julien, Corraze, Benoit, Janod, Etienne, Besland, Marie-Paule, Tesler, Federico, Rozenberg, Marcelo, Cario, Laurent
Advanced Functional Materials 27, 1604740 (2017)
A Leaky-Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Analog Realized with a Mott Insulator

5. Villuendas, D., Velez, S., Tsutaoka, T., Hernandez, J. M.
New Journal of Physics 19, 023031 (2017)
Multiphase magnetic deflagrations in a Nd5Ge3 single crystal
application/pdf Copyright by the Institute of Physics and the IOP Publishing Ltd. This article may be downloaded for personal use only.

4. Rodriguez, Karen L. Salcedo, Hoffmann, Martin, Golmar, Federico, Pasquevich, Gustavo, Werner, Peter, Hergert, Wolfram, Torres, Claudia E. Rodriguez
Applied Surface Science 393, 256 (2017)
Producing ZnFe2O4 thin films from ZnO/FeO multilayers

3. Schulman, Alejandro, Kitoh, Ai, Stoliar, Pablo, Inoue, Isao H.
Applied Physics Letters 110, 013502 (2017)
Sign-changing non-monotonic voltage gain of HfO2/Parylene-C/SrTiO3 field-effect transistor due to percolative insulator to two-dimensional metal transition

2. Alonso-Gonzalez, P., Nikitin, A.Y., Y. Gao, A. Woessner, M.B. Lundeberg, A. Principi, N. Forcellini, Yan, W., Velez, S., A.J. Huber, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Casanova, F., Hueso, L. E., M. Polini, J. Hone, F.H.L. Koppens, Hillenbrand, R.
Nature Nanotechnology 12, 31 (2017)
Acoustic terahertz graphene plasmons revealed by photocurrent nanoscopy

1. P. Li, I. Dolado, F.J. Alfaro-Mozaz, Nikitin, A. Yu., Casanova, F., Hueso, L. E., Velez, S., Hillenbrand, R.
Nano Letters 17, 228 (2017)
Optical Nanoimaging of Hyperbolic Surface Polaritons at the Edges of van der Waals Materials

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