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2017 Publications

7. E. Carbonell, J. Hieulle, M. Vilas Varela, P. Brandimarte, M. Iraola, A. Barragan, J. Li, M. Abadia, M. Corso, D. Sanchez Portal, D. Peña, and J.I. Pascual
arXiv 1705.07045, (2017)
Doping of Graphene Nanoribbons via Functional Group Edge Modification

6. B. W. Heinrich, J.I. Pascual, and K. J. Franke
arXiv 1705.03672, (2017)
Single magnetic adsorbates on s-wave superconductors

5. D. Choi, C. Rubio-Verdu, J. de Bruijckere, M. M. Ugeda, N. Lorente, and J.I. Pascual
Nature Communications 8, 15175 (2017)
Mapping the orbital structure of impurity bound states in a superconductor

4. P. Kusch, S. Mastel, N. Sven Mueller, N. Morquillas, S. Hegg, R. Gorbachev, F. Schedin, U. Huebner, J.I. Pascual, S. Reich, and R. Hillenbrand
Nano Letters , (2017)
Dual-scattering near-field microscope for correlative nanoimaging of SERS and electromagnetic hotspots

3. D. Choi, P. Abufager, L. Limot, and N. Lorente
From tunneling to contact in a magnetic atom: The non-equilibrium Kondo effect
application/pdf Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

2. E. Carbonell, P. Brandimarte, R. Balog, M. Corso, S. Kawai, A. Garcia-Lekue, S. Saito, S. Yamaguchi, E. Meyer, D. Sanchez-Portal, and J.I. Pascual
Nano Letters 17, 50 (2017)
Quantum Dots Embedded in Graphene Nanoribbons by Chemical Substitution

1. C. Rubio-Verdu, G. Saenz-Arce, J. Martinez-Asencio, D. C. Milan, M. Moaied, J. J. Palacios, M. J. Caturla, and C. Untiedt
Graphene flakes obtained by local electro-exfoliation of graphite with a STM tip
application/pdf Copyright by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

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