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Journal of Optics: Special issue on graphene nanophotonics


nanoGUNE’s researcher Alexey Nikitin, in collaboration with researchers from the Imperial College (London) and the University of Zaragoza (Spain), has participated as a “guest editor” in the Special Issue on Graphene Nanophotonics published by Journal of Optics. The Special Issue focuses on the emerging Graphene nanophotonics research area, where topics on nanophotonics and the several extraordinary properties of graphene are combined.

PRL: Tuning the Magneto-Optical Response of Nanosize Ferromagnetic Ni Disks Using the Phase of Localized Plasmons


A team of researchers from different research centers and institutions, including nanoGUNE, has shown the physical mechanism underlying the ability to control the polarization of light exploiting the excitation of collective oscillations of conduction electrons in nanosize magnetic disks. The research was recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Magnetization reversal behavior of ferromagnetic thin films and nano-structures


On Friday 27 September, nanoGUNE’s pre-doctoral researcher Olatz Idigoras received her doctoral Degree at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) with a thesis entitled “Magnetization reversal behavior of ferromagnetic thin films and nano-structures”

The forces brought to bear on proteins: towards a new biology


NanoGune’s Nanobiomechanics Group led by Raúl Pérez-Jimenez is studying the evolution of proteins dating back to the origin of life, the effects that mechanical forces can have on them, and protein involvement in certain diseases

A window on the invisible


nanoGUNE’s Nanoimaging Group, led by José Ignacio Pascual, is studying matter on an atomic scale. To do this, it has three remarkable microscopes, one in each laboratory, and which are capable of ‘seeing’ and moving atoms and molecules.

2nd nanoIKER Workshop


The 2nd nanoIKER Workshop took place at Tecnalia Headquarters in the Science & Technology Park of Bizkaia on June 10, 2013.

Molecular toxicity of nanomaterials


On Monday 17 June, nanoGUNE’s pre-doctoral researcher Simon Poly got his Doctor Degree at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) with a thesis entitled “molecular toxicity of nanomaterials”.

“Spintronic devices based on fullerene C60”, PhD Thesis defended by Marco Gobbi


Marco Gobbi, Pre-doctoral researcher at the Nanodevices Group, got his Doctor Degree at the University of The Basque Country (UPV/EHU) after the defense of his thesis project on Friday 24 May 2013. His research work achieved the maximum qualification (cum laude) after the defense and assessment of his work by an international committee that included leading researchers in the field of nanodevices.

CIC nanoGUNE launches Simune, an atomic-scale simulations service for companies


Simune will contribute to solving technological problems saving both, time and costs.The service will be provided by nanoGUNE’s Theory group and will be initially focused towards energy and electronics.

Raul Perez-Jimenez, new nanoGUNE Nanobiomechanics Group Leader


Starting on 1 February, Dr. Raul Perez-Jimenez, coming from Columbia University (USA), has taken on his new responsabilities as Ikerbasque Research Professor and Leader of the Nanobiomechanics Group at nanoGUNE.


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