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Former Members

José María AlonsonanoGUNE Fellow
Jon ArinBidasoa Technical College
Amaia BenitezBiomedical Engineering, University of Navarre
Aizeti BurgoaUPV/EHU
Sven DegenhardFP7 Fellow
Daniela Frauchiger
Manuel García
Marcin Gorzny
Abid Ali Khan
Iñaki MunarrizIndustrial Engineering, University of Navarre
Amaia RebollonanoGUNE Fellow
Pablo RodalPre-Doc
Iñigo Romero
Mario RubenKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
Sachin ShahnanoGUNE Fellow
Charlotte Stenner
Aida VillarroelUPV/EHU
Usue ZubiaMaster in New Materials, UPV/EHU
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