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The Nanoengineering Group focuses on research at the interface between fundamental nanoscience and applied engineering, particularly in the area of photonic medical diagnostics, environmental issues, and food control. By introducing nanotechnology and photonic approaches, we bridge the gap between physical sciences and industrial as well as clinical applications to finally gain added value for novel biomedical methods, devices, and instrumentation. The acceleration of technology transfer is the driving motor for our research activities.


Early detection of Alzheimer's


We investigate the early detection of Alzheimer´s disease by a bimodal approach, employing Raman and FTIR (Fourier transform mid-infrared) spectroscopy

Plasmonic detection of biomarkers


In this research line we establish a highly sensitive liquid biopsy based on plasmonic sensing. Additionally, we utilize the method for food control and measurement of environmental conditions

Photonic monitoring of physiology


We develop methods and devices for continuous non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters of the human body

Photonic monitoring of vital signs


We develop methods and devices for continuous long-term monitoring of vital signs