Nanomaterials - Aldizkaria - Acs Applied Energy Materials

1. S. Stolyarova, A. Kotsun, V. Shubin, V. Koroteev, P. Plyusnin, Y. Mikhlin, M. Mel'gunov, V. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Acs Applied Energy Materials 3, 10802 (2020)
Synthesis of Porous Nanostructured MoS2 Materials in Thermal Shock Conditions and Their Performance in Lithium-Ion Batteries

2. S. Velasco-Lozano, M. Knez and F. Lopez-Gallego
Acs Applied Energy Materials 1, 2032 (2018)
Coupling Enzymes and Inorganic Piezoelectric Materials for Electricity Production from Renewable Fuels