Self-assembly - 2023ko argitalpenak

2. I. Razquin, A. Iregui, M. Cobos, J. Latasa, A. Eceiza, K. Gonzáles, L. Martin, A. Müller, A. González and L. Irusta
Polymer 282, 126160 (2023)
Cationically photocured epoxy/polycaprolactone materials processed by solution electrospinning, melt electrowriting and 3D printing: Morphology and shape memory properties

1. E. Vicentini, W. Nuansing, I. Niehues, I. Amenabar, A. Bittner, R. Hillernbrand and M. Schnell
Optics Express 31, 22308 (2023)
Pseudoheterodyne interferometry for multicolor near-field imaging