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2015 Publications

1. A. Dols-Perez, G. Gramse, A. Calo, G. Gomila and L. Fumagalli
Nanoscale 7, 18327 (2015)
Nanoscale electric polarizability of ultrathin biolayers on insulating substrates by electrostatic force microscopy

2. E. Sancho-Vaello and K. Zeth
Future Microbiology 10, 1103 (2015)
Antimicrobial peptides: has their time arrived?

3. S. Mastel, A. Govyadinov, T. De Oliveira, I. Amenabar and R. Hillenbrand
Applied Physics Letters 106, 023113 (2015)
Nanoscale-resolved chemical identification of thin organic films using infrared near-field spectroscopy and standard Fourier transform infrared references
application/pdf Copyright by the American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only

4. T. De Oliveira, A. Eleta, L. Hueso and A. Bittner
Mixed self-assembled monolayer gate dielectrics for low-voltage solution-processed polymer field-effect transistors

5. N. Maccaferri, K. Gregorczyk, T. De Oliveira, M. Kataja, S. van Dijken, Z. Pirzadeh, A. Dmitriev, J. Akerman, M. Knez and P. Vavassori
Nature Communications 6, 6150 (2015)
Ultrasensitive and label-free molecular-level detection enabled by light phase control in magnetoplasmonic nanoantennas
application/pdf Open Access

6. V. Zhigalina, A. Chuvilin, O. Zhigalina, E. Tuseeva, O. Khazova, E. Nikulina and N. Kiselev
Electron Microscopy of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes-Polymer-Pt (RU) Composite Materials

7. N. Bigall, E. Dilena, D. Dorfs, M. Beoutis, G. Pugliese, C. Wilhelm, F. Gazeau, A. Khan, A. Bittner, M. Garcia, M. Garcia-Hernandez, L. Manna and T. Pellegrino
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 6246 (2015)
Hollow Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanobeads as MRI Contrast Agents

8. M. Moreno, C. Lampard, N. Williams, E. Lago, S. Emmett, M. Goikoetxea and M. J. Barandiaran
Progress In Organic Coatings 81, 101 (2015)
Eco-paints from bio-based fatty acid derivative latexes

9. A. Eleta-Lopez, J. Etxebarria, N. Reichardt, R. Georgieva, H. Baeumler and J. Toca-Herrera
Colloids And Surfaces B-Biointerfaces 134, 355 (2015)
On the molecular interaction between albumin and ibuprofen: An AFM and QCM-D study

10. I. Asenjo-Sanz, J. Santos, A. Bittner, J. Pomposo and F. Barroso-Bujans
European Polymer Journal 73, 413 (2015)
Zwitterionic ring-opening polymerization for the facile, efficient and versatile grafting of functional polyethers onto graphene sheets