Nanomaterials - Aldizkaria - Nanotechnology

1. X. Mu, W. Wang, C. Sun, D. Zhao, C. Ma, J. Zhu and M. Knez
Nanotechnology 34, 015709 (2023)
Greatly increased electrical conductivity of PBTTT-C14 thin film via controllable single precursor vapor phase infiltration

2. K. Ashurbekova, K. Ashurbekova, G. Botta, O. Yurkevich and M. Knez
Nanotechnology 31, 342001 (2020)
Vapor phase processing: a novel approach for fabricating functional hybrid materials

3. M. Markovic, R. Peter, I. Badovinac, I. Saric, M. Percic, R. Radicic, D. Markovic, M. Knez and G. Ambrozic
Nanotechnology 31, 185603 (2020)
`Sandwich'-like hybrid ZnO thin films produced by a combination of atomic layer deposition and wet-chemistry using a mercapto silane as single organic precursor
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