Aldizkaria - Materials

1. S. Gurbatov, V. Puzikov, E. Modin, A. Shevlyagin, A. Gerasimenko, E. Mitsai, S. Kulinich and A. Kuchmizhak
Materials 15, 8091 (2022)
Ag-Decorated Si Microspheres Produced by Laser Ablation in Liquid: All-in-One Temperature-Feedback SERS-Based Platform for Nanosensing
Open Acess Journal

2. V. Bolos, R. Benitez, A. Eleta-Lopez and J. Toca-Herrera
Materials 12, 479 (2019)
A Probabilistic Model for Crystal Growth Applied to Protein Deposition at the Microscale
Open Acess Journal

3. L. Fallarino, P. Riego, B. Kirby, C. Miller and A. Berger
Materials 11, 251 (2018)
Modulation of Magnetic Properties at the Nanometer Scale in Continuously Graded Ferromagnets
Open Acess Journal