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1. C. Safeer, F. Herling, W. Choi, N. Ontoso, J. Ingla-Aynes, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
2D Materials 9, 015024 (2022)
Reliability of spin-to-charge conversion measurements in graphene-based lateral spin valves

2. Y. Zhao, M. Gobbi, L. Hueso and P. Samori
Chemical Reviews 122, 50 (2022)
Molecular Approach to Engineer Two-Dimensional Devices for CMOS and beyond-CMOS Applications

3. S. Aivali, P. Yuan, J. Panidi, D. Georgiadou, T. Prodromakis, J. Kallitsis, P. Keivanidis and A. Andreopoulou
MACROMOLECULES 55, 672 (2022)
Electron Transporting Perylene Diimide-Based Random Terpolymers with Variable Co-Monomer Feed Ratio: A Route to All-Polymer-Based Photodiodes

4. A. Ray, B. Martin-Garcia, A. Moliterni, N. Casati, K. Boopathi, D. Spirito, L. Goldoni, M. Prato, C. Giacobbe, C. Giannini, F. Di Stasio, R. Krahne, L. Manna and A. Abdelhady
Advanced Materials 34, 2106160 (2022)
Mixed Dimethylammonium/Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskite Crystals for Improved Structural Stability and Enhanced Photodetection

5. G. Avedissian, J. Arabski, J. Wytko, J. Weiss, V. Papaefthimiou, G. Schmerber, G. Rogez, E. Beaurepaire and C. Meny
Applied Physics Reviews 9, 011417 (2022)
Exchange bias at the organic/ferromagnet interface may not be a spinterface effect

6. S. Catalano, J. Gomez-Perez, M. Aguilar-Pujol, A. Chuvilin, M. Gobbi, L. Hueso and F. Casanova
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14, 8598 (2022)
Spin Hall Magnetoresistance Effect from a Disordered Interface

7. J. Jo, F. Calavalle, B. Martin-Garcia, D. Tezze, F. Casanova, A. Chuvilin, L. Hueso and M. Gobbi
Advanced Materials 34, 2200474 (2022)
Exchange Bias in Molecule/Fe3GeTe2 van der Waals Heterostructures via Spinterface Effects

8. F. Calavalle, M. Suarez-Rodriguez, B. Martin-Garcia, A. Johansson, D. Vaz, H. Yang, I. Maznichenko, S. Ostanin, A. Mateo-Alonso, A. Chuvilin, I. Mertig, M. Gobbi, F. Casanova and L. Hueso
Nature Materials 21, 526 (2022)
Gate-tuneable and chirality-dependent charge-to-spin conversion in tellurium nanowires
This is the author's version of the paper after peer review

9. Q. Wang, A. Bedoya-Pinto, M. Blei, A. Dismukes, A. Hamo, S. Jenkins, M. Koperski, Y. Liu, Q. Sun, E. Telford, H. Kim, M. Augustin, U. Vool, J. Yin, L. Li, A. Falin, C. Dean, F. Casanova, R. Evans, M. Chshiev, A. Mishchenko, C. Petrovic, R. He, L. Zhao, A. Tsen, B. Gerardot, M. Brotons-Gisbert, Z. Guguchia, X. Roy, S. Tongay, Z. Wang, M. Hasan, J. Wrachtrup, A. Yacoby, A. Fert, S. Parkin, K. Novoselov, P. Dai, L. Balicas and E. Santos
ACS Nano 16, 6960 (2022)
The Magnetic Genome of Two-Dimensional van der Waals Materials

10. D. Spirito, M. Barra-Burillo, F. Calavalle, C. Manganelli, M. Gobbi, R. Hillenbrand, F. Casanova, L. Hueso and B. Martin-Garcia
Nano Letters 22, 4153 (2022)
Tailoring Photoluminescence by Strain-Engineering in Layered Perovskite Flakes br

11. B. Martin-Garcia, D. Spirito, M. Lin, Y. Leng, S. Artyukhin, P. Tan and R. Krahne
Advanced Optical Materials 10, 2200240 (2022)
Low-Frequency Phonon Modes in Layered Silver-Bismuth Double Perovskites: Symmetry, Polarity, and Relation to Phase Transitions

12. A. Parappurath, S. Mitra, G. Singh, N. Gill, T. Ahmed, T. Sai, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi and A. Ghosh
Physical Review Applied 17, 064062 (2022)
Interlayer Charge Transfer and Photodetection Efficiency of Graphene-Transition-Metal-Dichalcogenide Heterostructures
Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

13. D. Spirito, Y. Asensio, L. Hueso and B. Martin-Garcia
Journal Of Physics-Materials 5, 034004 (2022)
Raman spectroscopy in layered hybrid organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites

14. W. Yan, A. Akimov, M. Barra-Burillo, M. Bayer, J. Bradford, V. Gusev, L. Hueso, A. Kent, S. Kukhtaruk, A. Nadzeyka, A. Patane, A. Rushforth, A. Scherbakov, D. Yaremkevich and T. Linnik
Nano Letters 22, 6509 (2022)
Coherent Phononics of van der Waals Layers on Nanogratings

15. J. Ingla-Aynes, I. Groen, F. Herling, N. Ontoso, C. Safeer, F. de Juan, L. Hueso, M. Gobbi and F. Casanova
2D Materials 9, 045001 (2022)
Omnidirectional spin-to-charge conversion in graphene/NbSe2 van der Waals heterostructures

16. S. Martin-Rio, C. Frontera, J. Gomez-Perez, M. Aguilar-Pujol, S. Catalano, J. Gazquez, F. Casanova, L. Balcells, A. Pomar and B. Martinez
Advanced Materials Interfaces 9, 2201171 (2022)
Interfacial Magnetic Features of La2CoMnO6/Pt Bilayers Studied by Using Spin Hall Magnetoresistance

17. Y. Asensio, S. Marras, D. Spirito, M. Gobbi, M. Ipatov, F. Casanova, A. Mateo-Alonso, L. Hueso and B. Martin-Garcia
Advanced Functional Materials 32, (2022)
Magnetic Properties of Layered Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Metal-Halide Perovskites: Transition Metal, Organic Cation and Perovskite Phase Effects

18. W. Choi, I. Arango, V. Pham, D. Vaz, H. Yang, I. Groen, C. Lin, E. Kabir, K. Oguz, P. Debashis, J. Plombon, H. Li, D. Nikonov, A. Chuvilin, L. Hueso, I. Young and F. Casanova
Nano Letters , (2022)
All-Electrical Spin-to-Charge Conversion in Sputtered BixSe1-x

19. S. Lee, D. de Sousa, Y. Kwon, F. de Juan, Z. Chi, F. Casanova and T. Low
Physical Review B 106, 165420 (2022)
Charge-to-spin conversion in twisted graphene/WSe2 heterostructures
Copyright by the American Physical Society. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the APS.

20. J. Pereira, D. Tezze, I. Niehues, Y. Asensio, H. Yang, L. Mester, S. Chen, F. Casanova, A. Bittner, M. Ormaza, F. Schiller, B. Martin-Garcia, R. Hillenbrand, L. Hueso and M. Gobbi
Advanced Functional Materials 32, (2022)
Percolating Superconductivity in Air-Stable Organic-Ion Intercalated MoS2

21. G. Pippia, D. Van Hamme, B. Martin-Garcia, M. Prato and I. Moreels
Nanoscale 14, 15859 (2022)
A colloidal route to semiconducting tungsten disulfide nanosheets with monolayer thickness

22. H. Yang, E. Schmoranzerova, P. Jang, J. Nath, T. Guillet, I. Joumard, S. Auffret, M. Jamet, P. Nemec, G. Gaudin and I. Miron
Nature Communications 13, 6790 (2022)
Helicity dependent photoresistance measurement vs. beam-shift thermal gradient
Open Access

23. I. Dolado, C. Maciel-Escudero, E. Nikulina, E. Modin, F. Calavalle, S. Chen, A. Bylinkin, F. Alfaro-Mozaz, J. Li, J. Edgar, F. Casanova, S. Velez, L. Hueso, R. Esteban, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Communications 13, 6850 (2022)
Remote near-field spectroscopy of vibrational strong coupling between organic molecules and phononic nanoresonators
Open Access

24. A. Antanovich, L. Yang, S. Erwin, B. Martin-Garcia, R. Hubner, C. Steinbach, D. Schwarz, N. Gaponik and V. Lesnyak
Chemistry of Materials , (2022)
CdSexS1-x Alloyed Nanoplatelets with Continuously Tunable Blue-Green Emission

25. S. Ferreira-Teixeira, A. Vanstone, A. Pires, W. Branford, J. Arafijo, L. Cohen and A. Pereira
Acs Applied Electronic Materials , (2022)
Electronic Conduction Channels Engineered in Topological Insulator Sputtered Thin Films