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figThe goal of our research is to elucidate the laws of magnetism, optics, and electronics at the scale of atoms and molecules. We use low-temperature Scanning-Probe Microscopy to study the basic quantum phenomena behind the macroscopic behavior of matter and to manipulate their basic atomic components.

Molecular Physics


We study phenomena like charge redistribution, electron localization, spontaneous spin polarization, anomalous chemical reactivity, or molecular conformational modifications occurring on such hybrid systems with the goal of exploring new magnetic, optical, or chemical functionality of the films.

Nanoscale optoelectronics


Our research aims at creating a bridge connecting atomic-scale spectroscopy with optics to resolve at the atomic scale both the electronic structure and light scattering/emission by the atomic-sized antennas in response to optical/electron excitations.

Superconductivity in low dimensions


Superconductivity in low dimensions

Nanoimaging Image gallery

Magnetic prophyrin connected to two graphene nanoribbons

Scanning Probe Microscopes under UHV and LT conditions allow to record beautiful images beyond the nanoscale and probe electronic, optical and magnetic properties with atomic precision.

Research team

Nanoimaging group picture 2023

Noticias - Nanoimagen

  • Critical Scaling of Dynamic Phase Transitions in magnetic films

    In a recent article published in Physical Review Letters (Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 116701 (2023)) and selected as an Editor’s suggestion, Mikel Quintana and Andreas Berger from the Nanomagnetism group at nanoGUNE succeeded in experimentally detecting and quantifying critical scaling near the dynamic phase transition (...Read more

Nanoimaging Equipment

The nanoGUNE facilities are managed by specialists and used by researchers from a wide variety of fields.

NanoGUNE's External-Services department offers a wide range of characterization and fabrication services to external users, both academic and industrial.

Nanoimaging Scanning Probe Equipments are here presented.