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2021 ISI Publications

8. R. Tedesco, M. Hidalgo, M. Varde, N. Kehrwald, C. Barbante and G. Cozzi
Food Control 121, 107595 (2021)
Trace and rare earth elements determination in milk whey from the Veneto region, Italy

7. I. Saric, M. Markovic, R. Peter, P. Linic, K. Wittine, I. Piltaver, I. Badovinac, D. Markovic, M. Knez and G. Ambrozic
Applied Surface Science 539, 148254 (2021)
In-situ multi-step pulsed vapor phase surface functionalization of zirconia nanoparticles via copper-free click chemistry

6. B. Alonso-Lerma, I. Larraza, L. Barandiaran, L. Ugarte, A. Saralegi, M. Angeles Corcuera, R. Perez-Jimenez and A. Eceiza
Carbohydrate Polymers 254, 117478 (2021)
Enzymatically produced cellulose nanocrystals as reinforcement for waterborne polyurethane and its applications

4. C. Rubio, J. Zaldivar, R. Žitko and J.I. Pascual
Physical Review Letters 126, 17001 (2021)
Coupled Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States Induced by a Many-Body Molecular Spin on a Superconductor
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3. G. Shamuilov, K. Domina, V. Khardikov, A. Nikitin and V. Goryashko
Nanoscale 13, (2021)
Optical magnetic lens: towards actively tunable terahertz optics

2. T. Fernandes, S. Mendo, L. Ferreira, N. Neng, M. Oliveira, A. Gil, M. Carvalho, O. Monteiro, J. Nogueira and M. Calhorda
Environmental Science And Pollution Research , (2021)
Photocatalytic degradation of acetaminophen and caffeine using magnetite-hematite combined nanoparticles: kinetics and mechanisms

1. F. Da Pieve, G. Gronoff, J. Guo, C. Mertens, L. Neary, B. Gu, N. Koval, J. Kohanoff, A. Vandaele and F. Cleri
Radiation Environment and Doses on Mars at Oxia Planum and Mawrth Vallis: Support for Exploration at Sites With High Biosignature Preservation Potential