Cartera PI


Manipulation of magnetic particles in conduits for the propagation of domain walls

P. Vavassori, R. Bertacco, M. Cantoni, M. Donolato, M. Gobbi, S. Brivio, and D. Petti


Biosensor based on measurements of the clustering dynamics of magnetic particles

M. Donolato, P. Vavassori, and M. Fought-Hansen

Shared with the Danish Technical University (DTU)

Licensed to Blusense Diagnostics ApS


Infrared optical hybrid imaging technology for all digital histopathology

M. Schnell, P.S. Carney, R. Bhargava

Shared with the University of Illinois



Quality inspection of thin-film materials

L. Hueso, E. Azanza, M. Chudzik, A. López, A. Zurutuza, and D. Etayo

Licensed to das-Nano

Shared with das-Nano



Endocellulases and uses thereof

R. Perez-Jimenez

Licensed to Evolgene S.L.


Atomic Layer Deposition Chamber

M. Knez, M. Beltran, D. Talavera, and M. Vila

Shared with Ctech-nano S.L.

Licensed to Ctech-nano S.L.


Ancestral cellulases and uses thereof

R. Pérez Jiménez, N. Barruetabeña, and M. A. Eceiza

Shared with UPV/EHU

Licensed to Evolgene S.L.


Method for producing organic-inorganic hybrid materials

I. Azpitarte and M. Knez


A highly corrosion protective thin bi-layer stack for steel

C. Agustín, F. Brusciotti, M. Brizuela, M. Knez, and J. Willadean-Dumont

Shared with Tecnalia Research and Innovation


System for manufacturing a composite fibre structure

J. Latasa Martínez de Irujo, W. Nuansing


Enzymatic production of nanocellulose and derivatives

R. Pérez Jiménez, B. Alonso, A. Eceiza

Shared with UPV/EHU

Licensed to Evolgene S.L.


High Power Sulfur Cathode for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

M. Knez, S. Garcia, M. Beltrán, A. Blázquez, O. Leonet, E. Azaceta

Shared with Cidetec


Conductive cellulose composite materials and uses thereof

R. Pérez Jiménez, B. Alonso Lema, A. Eceiza

Shared with UPV/EHU



Synthetic optical holography

R. Hillenbrand, P. Scott-Carney, and M. Schnell

Shared with University of Illinois

Licensed to  Neaspec GmbH


Optical devices and authentication methods

M. Knez and E. Azanza

Shared with das-Nano

Licensed todas-Nano


Method for producing a barrier layer and carrier body comprising such a barrier layer

K. Gregorczyk, M. Knez, F. Vollkommer, J. Bauer, and K. Dieter-Bauer

Shared with Osram

Licensed to Osram


Near-field optical microscope for acquiring spectra

R. Hillenbrand, E. Yoxall, and M. Schnell

>Licensed to Neaspec GmbH


A device for operating with THz and/or IR and/or MW radiation

R. Hillenbrand, M. Autore, K.-J. Tielrooij, and F. Koppens

Shared with ICFO



Method for extracting a transverse magneto-optic effect signal

E. Oblak, A. Berger, P. Riego Saavedra, A. Garcia Manso, A. Martínez de Guereñu Elorza, F. Arizti, A. Irizar Picón

Shared with Ceit