Research Lines

Nanomagnetism laboratoryThe Nanomagnetism Group is conducting basic and applied world-class research in the field of magnetism in nanoscale structures.

The group staff has a long-standing expertise and proven track record in fundamental and applied aspects of nanomagnetism, magnetic materials, and magnetic characterization, especially magneto-optical methods.

Nanomagnetism Equipment

Experimental work in the nanomagnetism group is performed by means of equipment specially dedicated to our research lines. The group has also access to the nanoGUNE common cleanroom of nearly 300 m2 fully equipped for nanofabrication.

  • Material growth and nanofabrication
  • Non-magnetic characterization
  • Magnetic characterization

Noticias - Nanomagnetismo

  • Niklas Friedrich, Premio GEFES 2023 mejor tesis experimental

    El investigador Niklas Friedrich del grupo de Nanoimagen de nanoGUNE ha sido galardonado por la División de Fisica de la Materia Condensada (GEFES) de la Real Sociedad Española de Física (RSEF) con el premio a la mejor tesis doctoral experimental en física de la materia condensada, por su tesis titulada Electronic...Read more

Research Team

Nanomagnetism group picture 2023

Polarizability calculator

This Java applet computes the elements of the polarizability tensor α for a general magnetic ellipsoid embedded in an isotropic medium.