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1. J. Bauer, J.I. Pascual and K.J. Franke
Physical Review B 87, 75125 (2013)
Microscopic resolution of the interplay of Kondo screening and superconducting pairing: Mn-phthalocyanine molecules adsorbed on superconducting Pb(111)
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2. G. Heimel, S. Duhm, I. Salzmann, A. Gerlach, A. Strozecka, J. Niederhausen, C. Buerker, T. Hosokai, I. Fernandez-Torrente, G. Schulze, S. Wrinkler, A. Wilke, R. Schlesinger, J. Frisch, B. Broeker, A. Vollmer, B. Detlefs, J. Pflaum, S. Kera, K. J. Franke, N. Ueno, J.I. Pascual, F. Schreiber and N. Koch
Nature Chemistry 5, 187 (2013)
Charged and metallic molecular monolayers through surface-induced aromatic stabilization

3. T. R. Umbach, I. Fernandez-Torrente, M. Ruby, F. Schulz, C. Lotze, R. Rurali, M. Persson, J.I. Pascual and K. J. Franke
New Journal of Physics 15, 083048 (2013)
Atypical charge redistribution over a charge-transfer monolayer on a metal
Copyright by the Institute of Physics and the IOP Publishing Ltd. This article may be downloaded for personal use only.

4. B. W. Heinrich, G. Ahmadi, V. L. Müller, L. Braun, J.I. Pascual and K. J. Franke
Nano Letters 13, 4840 (2013)
Change of the Magnetic Coupling of a Metal-Organic Complex with the Substrate by a Stepwise Ligand Reaction

5. B. W. Heinrich, L. Braun, J.I. Pascual and K. J. Franke
Nature Physics 9, 765 (2013)
Protection of excited spin states by a superconducting energy gap