Nanoimaging - Publicaciones del año 2012

1. A. Strozecka, A. Eiguren, M. Bianchi, D. Guan, C. H. Voetmann, S. Bao, P. H. Hofmann and J.I. Pascual
New Journal of Physics 14, 103026 (2012)
Unconventional spin texture of a topologically nontrivial semimetal Sb(110)

2. C. Lotze, M. Corso, K. Franke, F. von Oppen and J.I. Pascual
Science 338, 779 (2012)
Driving a Macroscopic Oscillator with the Stochastic Motion of a Hydrogen Molecule

3. T.R. Umbach, M. Bernien, C.F. Hermanns, A. Krüger, V. Sessi, I. Fernandez-Torrente, P. Stoll, J.I. Pascual, K.J. Franke and W. Kuch
Physical Review Letters 109, 267207 (2012)
Ferromagnetic Coupling of Mononuclear Fe Centers in a Self-Assembled Metal-Organic Network on Au(111)
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