Self-assembly - Publicaciones del año 2019

1. V. Bolos, R. Benitez, A. Eleta-Lopez and J. Toca-Herrera
Materials 12, 479 (2019)
A Probabilistic Model for Crystal Growth Applied to Protein Deposition at the Microscale
Open Acess Journal

2. J. Alonso, T. Ondarcuhu, C. Parrens, M. Gorzny and A. Bittner
Journal of Molecular Liquids 276, 667 (2019)
Nanoscale wetting of viruses by ionic liquids

3. Y. Chai, M. Okuda, Y. Otsuka, K. Ohnuma and M. Tagaya
Advanced Powder Technology 30, 1419 (2019)
Comparison of two fabrication processes for biomimetic collagen/hydroxyapatite hybrids

4. S. Locarno, A. Eleta-Lopez, M. Lupo, M. Gelmi, F. Clerici and A. Bittner
RSC Advances 9, 20565 (2019)
Electrospinning of pyrazole-isothiazole derivatives: nanofibers from small molecules
Copyright of the Royal Society of Chemistry

5. K. Zeth, E. Sancho-Vaello and M. Okuda
Inorganic Chemistry 58, 11351 (2019)
Metal Positions and Translocation Pathways of the Dodecameric Ferritin-like Protein Dps