Solidarity with Ukrainian refugees

Solidarity with Ukrainian refugees

The Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center CIC nanoGUNE, located in Donostia / San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain), kindly offers support to researchers (particularly PhD students and post-docs) who have been forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the ongoing war.

NanoGUNE is a research center set up with the mission to carry out world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country. NanoGUNE is a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) and is also recognized by the Spanish Research Agency as a "Maria de Maeztu" Unit of Excellence (2022-2025).


We offer a temporary contract to candidates that would be interested in working in one of the following topics:

  1. Magnetic materials, thin films, and multi-layers: magnetic properties and magneto-optics
    1. Contact person: Andreas Berger (
  2. Plasmonic and magneto-optical properties of magnetic nanostructures and metamaterials
    1. Contact person: Paolo Vavassori (
  3. THz and IR near-field microscopy for materials nanocharacterization and polariton nanophotonics
    1. Contact person: Rainer Hillenbrand (
  4. Electrospun and 3D-printed polymer fibers, and biomolecular self-assembly
    1. Contact person: Alexander Bittner (
  5. Genome editing of living cells and nanomechanics of microbial infections using single-cell techniques
    1. Contact person: Raul Perez-Jimenez (
  6. Theory and computational simulation of nanostructures and irradiated quantum systems.
    1. Contact person: Emilio Artacho (
  7. Fabrication of functional nanomaterials and coatings
    1. Contact person: Mato Knez (


Candidates should apply by completing the form below and attaching the following documents:

  1. A complete CV 
  2. A cover letter
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