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2014 Publications

1. M. Perez-Roldan, D. Debarnot and F. Poncin-Epaillard
RSC Advances 4, 31409 (2014)
Processing of plasma-modified and polymer-grafted hydrophilic PET surfaces, and study of their aging and bioadhesive properties
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2. V. C. Ozalp, A. Pinto, E. Nikulina, A. Chuvilin and T. Schaefer
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 31, 161 (2014)
In Situ Monitoring of DNA-Aptavalve Gating Function on Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

3. S. G. Novikov, A. Sanchez-Iglesias, M. K. Schmidt, A. Chuvilin, J. Aizpurua, M. Grzelczak and L. M. Liz-Marzan
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 31, 77 (2014)
Gold Spiky Nanodumbbells: Anisotropy in Gold Nanostars

5. A. Govyadinov, S. Mastel, F. Golmar, A. Chuvilin, P. Carney and R. Hillenbrand
ACS Nano 8, 6911 (2014)
Recovery of Permittivity and Depth from Near-Field Data as a Step toward Infrared Nanotomography

6. V. O. Koroteev, D. A. Bulushev, A. Chuvilin, A. V. Okotrub and L. G. Bulusheva
ACS Catalysis 4, 3950 (2014)
Nanometer-Sized MoS2 Clusters on Graphene Flakes for Catalytic Formic Acid Decomposition

7. Y. P. Ivanov, D. G. Trabada, A. Chuvilin, J. Kosel, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko and M. Vazquez
Nanotechnology 25, 475702 (2014)
Crystallographically driven magnetic behaviour of arrays of monocrystalline Co nanowires

8. P. V. Fedotov, A. A. Tonkikh, E. A. Obraztsova, A. G. Nasibulin, E. I . Kauppinen, A. Chuvilin and E. D. Obraztsova
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 251, 2466 (2014)
Optical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes filled with CuCl by gas-phase technique